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I opened the Casler law firm in May 1993, and since 1990, I have been allowed to enforce the law in Arizona.

Established in 1993


PLLC's Casler Law Office has been providing high quality legal services in the Phoenix region for more than 22 years. Karlton Kessler, an expert on landlords and renting, has a lot of experience representing landlords through evictions. He provides a cost effective family program for each landlord and personally handles all aspects of your eviction process. In addition to the Landowners/Tenant Act, Attorney Kesler also deals with the problems of the Real Estate Act and the Contract Law. Carlton Kesler, the author of Arizona property broker Arizona Landlands Desk Book, is certified as a real estate instructor at Arizona Real Estate Department.

My book, Arizona Land & Amplifier; #39;s Deskbook has been published since 1992, and the current book (the sixth edition) is widely used by real estate professionals across Arizona.

Property Broker in Arizona ' You have a license for.   I am certified as a real estate instructor at the Arizona Department of Real Estate and a member of the National Association of Speakers professional.   Over the past 20 years, I have provided countless seminars on landlords, real estate administrators, real estate brokers, lawyers and judges regarding the House Act.   Since 1990, I have implemented the law with an emphasis on the Landowners/Tenants Act.

Casler, Carlton C.
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He was very useful in dealing with our tenant. He explained everything in detail. We are very happy to find him and use him in this difficult time. I highly recommend him!

12/26/2020 06:13pm



Leave him.  You have no idea what you deal with.  It is against the custom of him to purposely ruin the case and prolong the whole thing by demanding that he speak to the tenant without my consent.  I regret meeting him.  He is full of bad news.  A year later, he continued his claim and I haven't seen him either.  I hired a lawyer after him. He is a good lawyer.  He solved the problem in an hour.  This man is nothing but a joke.

01/03/2021 02:36pm



Carlton was the worst atatrony ever  Please call me before you call Bob Kelm 303664541.

01/03/2021 11:44am